At John Eastwood Hospice we recognise that living with a life-limiting illness can impact all areas of life. The emotional, spiritual and psychological journey that patients and carers follow when faced with a life-limiting illness is unique to every individual.

Often, people cope with help from family, friends and other health professionals, but it can sometimes be a struggle for individuals and families to support each other, no matter how close they are.  Our Clinical Psychologists offer specialist support to patients and families to help them work through these difficult times.

Clinical Psychologists are non-medical doctors who use psychological approaches (talking and behaviour) to help make sense of and manage troubling thoughts, feelings and behaviour.  Through talking and using evidence-based skills and techniques, the Clinical Psychologists can help with difficulties such as depression, anxiety, adjusting to life changes and coping with grief.  They can also help with troublesome physical symptoms such as pain and nausea, which are greatly affected by our psychological wellbeing.

This service is provided by Clinical Psychologists and Trainee Clinical Psychologists, who specialise in supporting people with long-term and life-limiting health conditions.  They work closely with colleagues within the hospice who can offer additional support when required.  Individuals may be referred to the Clinical Psychologists from all areas of the hospice.