Living Well Centre

As well as medical and nursing care, hospice patients can participate in a wide range of activities including rehabilitation, creative therapies and gardening. As well as supporting hospice patients, the centre can provide a well-earned break for carers.

The specialist therapeutic team works with a wide range of people, from those first receiving a diagnosis of long-term ill health to those nearing the end of life.

During attending the Living Well Centre you will have access to our Occupational therapist, Physiotherapist, Complementary therapist, Chaplaincy and clinical psychologist.

Our sessions can be wellbeing focused, including arts, crafts, yoga, and horticulture. These sessions aim for early intervention with an emphasis on living well and staying well.  Activities will focus on symptom management and helping them live independently for as long as they’re able.  Sessions also aim to help reduce unnecessary hospital admission and reduce carer fatigue. Activities will focus on quality of life with loved ones and helping to create lasting memories, such as afternoon teas and movie days. Patients will also have the opportunity to create memory boxes for their loved ones.

Referral to the Living Well Centre is made by speaking to any health professional within the hospice, alternatively you can contact Patient call on:  01623 781891

Twitter: @WellJeh