We have regular Chaplaincy support available at the Hospice. Our Chaplains are here to support both you as a patient and your loved ones too if they feel they need any support or someone to talk to.

Our Chaplains love chatting to patients and getting to know them, and regularly visit the Inpatient Unit and introduce themselves, but you can also request to see a Chaplain by speaking to any of the nursing staff.

Our Chaplains are able to support you, whether you have a particular faith or spirituality. Our approach is to listen and support your individual needs, whatever they may be. We understand that everyone, whether ‘religious’ or not, has ‘spiritual’ needs, such as the need to feel a sense of meaning or purpose, to feel supported, to feel heard and valued, to cope with suffering, to feel a sense of belonging and to feel a sense of peace.

Many patients find it helpful to talk to a Chaplain when they are feeling angry or hopeless, feeling frightened or worried, feeling alone, feeling anxious, struggling with regrets, struggling with life’s ‘big’ questions or simply feeling ‘lost’. Some patients who do have a faith, or who want to explore faith, like to talk to our Chaplains about this, or ask our Chaplains to pray with them or support them to practise their own faith.