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Support Groups

Support groups are volunteers in the community who organise their own fundraising events, including coffee mornings, beetle drives and concerts.

Our sincere thanks and warmest congratulations to Edwinstowe Support Group who have raised vital funds for our services in excess of £100,000.

Their hard work and continued support over the years has played a major role in the success of the Hospice Trust, and it is to their credit that they continue to have such enthusiasm and motivation which results in substantial funds being raised.

It is worthy of note that many of the members have celebrated over 25 years of fundraising.

Please donít throw away used postage stamps Ė bring them into the hospice (or ring us and we can collect) and we can exchange them for much-needed cash.

We are very grateful to all the pubs, clubs, shops and businesses who have Hospice collecting cans, which have raised £3,527.82 during the last year. Every penny is precious, so please let us know if you can help by having a collecting can or promotional badges for sale on your premises.

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